Saturday, 22 June 2013

I have sewn a lot this week because my kids are still on holiday in Sweden. It's been good to be able to take my time and I have learnt a lot about sewing in jersey and stretchy fabrics, so that is one of my fears overcome :)

The flower fabric is a scrap piece bought in a shop in Sweden.  It matches perfectly the cotton interlock fabric I found a the local market in Italy.

The long top-but-not-quite-a-dress, is a combination between two different patterns in Ottobre 3/2013 (there's lot of nice stuff also in-bigger sizes in that issue). It's supposed to be size 134 but it does look enormous... The pants are made using an old pattern I had at home.

Update: This set was not at all as big on as I feared and the colours are perfect for my daughter (which I knew they would be!). 

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