Thursday, 9 May 2013

Girl's jeans skirt

I really wish I had taken a picture before remaking my daughter's skirt. The old skirt had a perfect fitting waistband, but apart from that everything about the skirt was wrong; it had no pockets, it was to long and much, much to wide which made it very heavy.

The old skirt was made with one enormous front piece and one enormous backpiece (each about 1/3 of a circle), so I took it apart and just kept the waistband including the belt holders intact. I used a pattern from Ottobre 4/2012 as a guidance for the new skirt, but I had to make a lot of changes to the pattern to get it the way I wanted. In the process I probably cut off half the fabric used originally.

The original skirt had some nice embroideries which I managed to keep. To keep the project as simple as possible I didn't plan to take the zip out, but then I realised it had to be done as the sides of the skirt was a completely different cut to the new pattern. I also put in pockets and made the back of the skirt out of three pieces instead of one for a better fit.

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