Thursday, 30 May 2013

Not as I expected...

It was patching my favorite jeans as a teen in the 80-ies that got me hooked on sewing. 25 years later I realise that I had forgotten how hard it is to sew in jeans! The sleeve for my Sony Reader didn't turn out at all as I imagied from the start and I think I redid every stich 2-3 times and some even more times than that!

One of the first things I did was to add interfacing, but it didn't only not stick properly (too old?), it also made the whole piece impossible to pass trough my sewing mashine so it had to be ripped off again. At one point I had a pocket from a pair of kid's jeans sewn unto the back, but it was too big and didn't fullfill any function as I had imagined that it would so it was also taken back of again (and so on...) 

At least my e-book reader seems happy ad comfy in there so I have decided to leave it as it is!

I had to give up a few details I wanted, but at the end I'm glad I managed to get a pocket and a string to hold a pen in. 

The lining ended up different to the ones I took a picture of on Tuesday. I find the bird fabrics from IKEA fit very well in there. That's something more I'm happy with about this little project. Now that I started to get a go on sewing in jeans (and I have quite a lot of it) I think my next jeans project will be a pair of slippers.

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